IFB washing machine | IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua – White 720 rpm

IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua washing machine is equipped with 720 rpm, 8 wash programs, LED display, Smart Sense, 3D Wash, aqua spa, Express Wash, Deep Clean Technology.

IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua (Fully Automatic Top Load White)

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
ifb washing machine IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua

IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua is a good washing machine that everyone can afford, in the top load washing machine. But doing laundry work is now going to be very easy.

because this washing machine is going to be in your home, and you can wash on your own thanks to this IFB washing machine.

This Ifb machine is very easy to handle and preloaded programs are there which helps in washing machine removes stains and tough dirt effectively.

The filter treatment is very much helpful for a delicate cloths to keep your clothes soft without damaging.

This IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua washing machine is fully automatic TOP LOADING machine which is designed to function stably under low water pressure conditions.

This IFB Washing Machine is perfect for family of 3 members which proves us to be a helpful as it is top loading then it becomes easy to work with.

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

 If you buy this washing machine then you do not have to walk to the laundry every time you want to wash a pile of clothes.  Because this is best for 3 members.

Get the IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine and give your clothes a thorough wash right at home.


  • Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines are ergonomically friendly and provide great wash quality
  • 720 rpm : Higher the spin speed, lower will be the drying time
  • Number of wash programs – 8 : With higher wash programs-Wash a variety of fabrics
  •  7 kg : Great for 3 family members
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Ifb Washing machine Price

The price of IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua  720 rpm ifb washing machine price about  25,590/- rupees but you can get it on  some sites for around 20,490/- rupees. IFB TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua is fully Automatic top Load Washing Machines have Great Wash Quality with very less running cost.

This washing machine is best for 3 family members .so to Amazon buy this machine click on the link provided here,

Product Description

Protection from Voltage Fluctuations

ifb washing machine Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

This washing machine smartly detects dangerous fluctuations and immediately come to a pause and automatically continues the wash cycle when the voltage stabilises.

Smart Sense

image 120

The inbuilt Smart Weight Sensor is very smart which automatically weighs the load and adjusting settings accordingly to save water and detergent.

3D Wash

image 143
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

It is a dynamic water system for your laundry. Soaks clothes thoroughly to deliver an excellent wash.. This Wash and rinse cycle uses a shower system that ensures thorough soaking and a cleaner wash.

Bleach Dispenser

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

A is a special hands free solution to dispense liquid bleach. Here we can pore the liquid ditergent .

Tiradic Pulsator

image 122

The triadic pulsator has three rotating spinning balls. These rub on the dirt and removes it.This soft scrub pads gently remove stubborn dirt, the swirl jets help dislodge dirt completely from the fabric.

To top it off, the mechanical centre punch action effectively pushes the dirt out of the clothes .This pulsator is very much in helpful in removing the dirt.

Aqua Spa Therapy

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

This aqua spa therapy lets your washing machine treat your clothes with the gentleness of a trained spa therapist. This feature of the IFB machine treats your fabrics in the gentlest way possible manner by hydrating, exfoliating, cleansing & rejuvenating them. You get fresh clothes every single time.

Aqua Energie

image 62

This aqua energie is a built-in device which is responsible for energising the water. This device filters the water and filter treatment gives your clothes a softer wash by dissolving the detergent. This softening of cloths increases the life of cloths.

Aqua Conserve

image 124

Keeps the planet green by reusing the last rinse water used for soaking clothes.

Auto Softener Dispenser

image 79

This dispenser adds a softener before a wash-cycle commences thus ensuring your clothes remain soft after every wash.

Auto Balance System

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

This washing machine redistributes the cloth load in the laundry tub to ensure stability and prevent it from falling.

Bi-axial wash

image 140

This bi-axial rotation wash your cloths completely by 360 degree.

Tub Dry

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

This is a special program used to dry the drum after washing. Great for preventing limescale and ensuring the longevity of the machine.

Crescent Moon Drum

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

The laundry tub in this washing machine has grooves that create a water cushion during a wash cycle. This ensures that your clothes don’t get damaged even after a tough wash.

Deep Clean Technology

This IFB washing machine while being gentle on your clothes, is tough on the stains, thus ensuring your clothes look fresh and new after every single wash. Thanks to this deep clean technology.

Express Wash

Express wash is a very useful program when we are in hurry. This program is specially designed for small, lightly soiled clothes. You can use this program for your workout or jym clothes. Suppose we are in hurry after doing the workout then this program is very useful.

Hygiene Plus

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

This washing machine is very much usefull if you have the sensitive skin .Do you have sensitive skin? Then do not worry, because the Hygiene Plus completely removes detergent residues from clothes, making it completely safe for your skin.

General Specifications

Model NameTL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Function TypeFully Automatic top Load
Washing Capacity7 kg
Washing MethodTriadic Pulsator Wash
Maximum Spin Speed720 rpm
In-built HeaterNo
Water Level SelectorYes 10
Water Consumption118 L
Technology Used3D Wash System, Aqua Energie, Auto Softener Dispenser, LED display, Auto Balance, 3D Wash System, Bleach Dispenser
ShadeIvory White
In The Box1) Drain Hose
2) User Manual
3) Water Inlet Pipe
4)1 Washing Machine

Wash Modes

Wash Program Types8- Triadic Pulsator Wash
Other Wash ModesDelicates, Jeans

Convenience Features

Digital DisplayYes
Tub Self-cleanYes
Memory Backup Yes
Display FeaturesLED Display Screen
Lint Filter Yes
Preset Timer Yes
Wrinkle Prevention Yes
Other Convenience Features3D Wash System, Auto Balance System, Drum Lamp

Additional Features

Child LockYes
Other Features3D Wash System, Aqua Spa Therapy, Aqua Energie, Water Consumption: 104 L, Control: buttons, Aqua Conserve, Water Pressure: 0.3 – 8 Bar, Tub Clean, Tub Dry, Deep Clean,

Controls on ifb washing machine

ifb washing machine IFB TL- SDW 7.0KG Aqua
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

This TL-SDW 7.0KG Aqua has big display at the center of dashboard. on this display we see important notifications such as water level indicator, timer, temperature indicator.

Next to this display there is a program selector switch ,by which we can select perfect program. And finally at the right corner there is start and pause and also the ON and OFF switch.


Gross Weight45 kg
Gross Dimension (W x D x H)570 x 590 x 950 mm
Width57 cm
Height95 cm
Depth59 cm
Weight38 kg

Installation & Demo

Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines have Great Wash Quality with very less running cost

image 135
Ifb washing machine| IFB Eva Aqua Sx 6KG 800 rpm

Installation & Demo

  • Explain all the functionality of the product
  • Usage of the product
  • The authorized service engineer will be providing detailed demo that includes
  • Company will do Installation and Demo at time of your convenience from an brand authorized service engineer
  • The Installation & Demo service will be provided free of cost. All additional accessories not part of the the package will be charged separately
  • Preventive maintenance action to be taken


  • 4 Years Comprehensive Warranty and 10 Years Spare Part Support from IFB
image 56

Covered in Warranty

IFB warrants during 48 months of the date of purchase of new washing machine all the parts of the washing machine which is proved to be defective in workmanship and/ or materials shall be repaired or replaced free of charge on intimation to the company/ company’s authorised service centre nearest to the place where appliance is installed Warranty is subject to certain limitions of warranty Completed warranty card should be presented to the authorised personnel at the time of service/ maintenance Serial no. on the product should not be defaced / altered.

Not Covered in Warranty

  • Any accessories external to the product
  • Defects caused by improper use as determined by the company personnel
  • Serial number is removed, altered or obliterated from the machine
  • Defects due to cause beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of god or while in transit to the service center’s or purchaser’s residence
  • Parts: outer cabinet and plastic parts
  • Site (where the premises is kept) conditions that do not confirm to the recommended operating conditions of the machine
  • Modification or alteration of any nature made in the electrical circuitry/ or physical construction of the set

Product is not used according to the instructions given in the instructions manual

Warranty Service Type – Techinician Visit

Body Features

Tub MaterialStainless Steel
Body colorwhite

Power Features

Power Requirement220-240V, Single Phase, 50 HZ
Power370 W

Questions Asked

Q:What about installation?

Ans: Don’t worry. Place the order, sit back and relax. Flipkart will facilitate installation & demo at your convenience from the brand authorized service engineer.

Q: Should I go for steel drum or plastic drum?

Ans: Always the tub material is a big factor in the lifespan of your washer plastic has advantage but it has disadvantage too . So a stainless steel tub has several advantages over other tub materials in terms of durability, cleaning, and gentle wash for fabrics.the stainless steel is corrosion resistance and has longest life.

Q:Is there any facilities to resume the process automatically after power cut?

Ans: Yes it is..it restarts from where it starts.

Q: What if I want a HardWater to Softwater conversion?

Ans: we can do this by attaching a seperate Water Softener to convert  hard water into soft water.

Q:It is Direct Drive Between Moter and Drum ?

Ans: Yes…It is.A single motor does everything in this washing machine.I am very much happy with this IFB model..Thank u for “SMART SENSE” feature in it.

Q:is rat mesh there in the box?

Ans: yes..but still water lick under the machine

Q:How many clothes can be accommodated in this machine?

Ans: Approximately 3 shirts, 3 Jeans, 2 Dish Towels, 2 Small Towels and 2 Pillowcases together

Q: Are there top load washing machines with inbuilt heating available?

Ans: Yes this model and 8.5 kg model both support inbuilt heater in Top Load machines. But the heaters in Front load are more effective than Top Load.

Q:which is the best washing programme?

Ans: Best programme in this machine is “Smart Sense”

Q:Does it dry also ?

Ans: It doesn’t dry 100 % but you don’t need a sunlight to make them dry after washing.. I can say it dries upto approximately 80 %.

Q:Drum of machine strikes with the outer body sometimes during spinning, what’s the reason behind that?

Ans: floor leveling

Q:What is the height water tank for top load automatic washing machine

Ans: It has 10 water level options from 26L to 54L.

Q:is in it jet spray system?

Ans: no it’s not jet spray

Q:how much elec unit per hour

Ans: The machine takes 370 watt at max so you can calculate its usually equal to a normal size refrigirator which runs 24×7. I have also not seen any major charges in my electeicity bill due to the machine

Q:How to use dryer…. Ifb 7kg washing machine top loading

Ans: there is option spin is available on dashboard. we can use directly for dryer separately without use of washing and spining

Q:How much sound (decibel) it produce during washing and rinse

Ans: Its so quite and powerful…But only u can hear some sound at when the machine spins to dry clothes.Its normal..I love IFB and i am 100% Satisfied with this machine.

Q:Placed order in hurry. Need to know what kind of material tub mad of –steel or plastic

Ans: steel tub

Q:Does this Washing Machine have Fuzzy Logic inbuilt?

Ans: Yes, The inbuilt sensors monitor the washing process and make corrections to produce the best washing results.

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