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The Google One Sharing app enables anyone to share their files privately and securely with others directly over email. You can send documents, pictures, videos, voice recordings, web pages, text messages, maps, calendars, contacts, and more. Once shared, they will remain private until you choose to make them public. If you want to control who has access, just give people a link to view your file. When someone opens the link, they’ll get the free version of the app. To upgrade, users only need to pay $0.99 per year.

Why use Google one Sharing?

  • Easy To Use: The best part about google one sharing is that they are very easy to use. When you click on the share button, it takes you directly to the google web page where you can paste in the URL. You do not have to type out the whole link each time!
  • No Password Needed: Another great feature of google one is that no password needs to be entered. That means anyone can send people to your website!
  • Free: Google one share are free.
  • Low Risk: There is zero risk for anyone using google one sharing. Anyone can get access to your site easily if you permit them.
  • High Visibility: This may sound weird at first but once you start getting some views then you realize how high visibility google one sharing offers. Having your content shared online is one of the highest ways to increase traffic to your website.
  • Easy To Share Links: If you want to make it super simple just copy the link from the google search bar and paste it into google one sharing. Then just select who you want to share with (publicly or privately) and hit share! It’s as easy as that.
  • Huge User Base: With over 1 billion users worldwide, what better way to reach the masses than google one? Whether you’re an individual looking to promote yourself or a business wanting to gain customers, google one sharing is a great way to bring your content to potential clients.

Google one Sharing Features

There are many different ways to share content online. However, some are better than others. In today’s article, I’ll discuss my favourite sharing features, including those built right into Gmail.

  • Share Photos & Videos From Your Computer
  • Send A Link To Someone Via Email: For larger files, you can attach them to an email and send them straight from Gmail instead of downloading them first.  
  • Set Up Auto-Responses: If you’re frequently getting messages asking for permission to use images/videos of yours, you can set up auto-responses that automatically reply to a given person. All you need to do is repost the original photo/video!
  • Snooze Emails: Sometimes people forget to respond to you and leave you hanging. Snoozing emails lets you mark emails as read later without actually deleting them. That way, you won’t accidentally miss anything.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Google one Sharing

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using the google one account system, these are some that I’ve seen so far:


  1. No need to register a separate email address
  2. Easy access to your information
  3. You don’t have to worry about losing your data if you lose your phone or lose it


  1.   If someone gets your password they can easily get access to everything you have shared.
  2. Your data isn’t protected at all.

How to use Google one sharing?

Google one shares is a way of sharing to google drive and if you have set up the account then you have access to everything you put on it. You will need to sign in using your Gmail login details if you don’t already have one.

Once signed in, click the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the page and select settings. 

Under ‘Sharing options’ make sure you have ‘All contacts’ selected and click save. 

Now you can add content from any document you wish to share.

How to download Google one sharing?

  • If you are a mobile user then Go to the Play Store.
  • Search ” Google One ” in the search box.
  • You can see the first result of the Google One app
  • Download Google One app & open it.
  • Now you have signed in with your Google Account.
  • Enjoy using Google One Sharing.
  • If you are a desktop user then you can use the Google One Sharing Website.

How does Google One sharing work?

Google one sharing helps people to share their images and videos easily in different places. Google one sharing is a service provided by Google that allows users to upload and edit their photos and video files online at any time without hassle. Google one sharing allows people to make use of their devices’ storage space and upload and share their photos and videos. 

Google Photos app:  The Google Photos app is an application developed by Google Inc. to store and manage photos and videos were taken using smartphones. 

Google Drive: Drive is an open-source cloud file synchronization and management system created by Google. The application lets users create documents in various formats (such as Microsoft Word), spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, animations, PDFs, text files, and much more. 

Gmail: Gmail is a webmail service offered by Google. It was launched on May 1, 2004, replacing Google’s previous email service, Google Mail. Gmail initially only supported sending and receiving emails via POP3 connections, but since version 2.0 supports IMAP4 as well. 

Google Maps:  Google Maps provides maps and satellite photographs of Earth. Using its information about roads, buildings, and other geographic features, it can show where people and things are located down to a few meters.


In this article, we have discussed Google One Sharing. Google One Sharing is one of the best apps of Google where you can easily share your documents, photos & videos. If you like Google one Sharing concept then go and download it. If you have further questions then you can comment below.

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